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uPVC Column pipe

Vectus uPVC pipes are specifically designed Column Pipes and come with a unique threaded coupler crafted on specialized CNC machine at one end of it, which not only provides ease of working with them but also ensures leak proof joints & absorption of vibrations caused during its operation. It increases the overall performance and life span of the pipes along with the system installed.

  • These pipes give the best service in bore well jet pumps.

  • uPVC Column Pipes are used for loose boulder and stone.

  • uPVC Column Pipes are widely used for irrigation, industrial mining & chemicals distribution.

  • uPVC Column Pipes are used for domestic purposes.

  • In case a bore collapse problem occurs, it can be tackled by uPVC Column Pipe.


CPVC pipes

Vectus CPVC (Chlorinated PolyVinyl Chloride) pipes and fittings are manufactured usingthe best Japanese material and technology, which makes them perfectly reliablefor hot and cold water distribution system. A Vectus CPVC pipe is produced by chlorination of conventional PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) material, which in addition gives it more strength to withstand high temperatures (up to 93°C), as compared to a PVC Piping System(up to 60°C). Temperatures over this can cause softening of the material and weakening of joints. Also, Vectus CPVC comes with a higher degree of flexibility to work with.

  • Immune to chemical, electrolytic and galvanic actions; these pipes are odourless and hygienic.

  • High corrosion and chemical resistance.

  • Self-extinguishing, show high resistance to fire.

  • The life span of Vectus CPVC pipes is quite long, hence, makes them maintenance and trouble free.

  • Apart from superiority over conventional piping systems, Vectus CPVC pipes are light weight, hence, more economical and easy to transport.